Claypaky to unveil new products at Prolight + Sound 2023

Claypaky, the Italy-based professional lighting developer, has revealed the exciting list of new products it will be showcasing at the upcoming Prolight + Sound 2023 in Frankfurt.

The Skylos is an ultra-versatile and weather-resistant fixture, with incredible light output and outstanding construction features; much more than just a classic searchlight. The Skylos will certainly also be appreciated in the touring sector, where LDs are constantly on the lookout for dense, solid beams of light and ever-greater light output.

It fits a custom 300W white light laser source, which provides an extremely parallel, uniform beam. The beam pours out from a large 300mm front lens, specifically designed in Claypaky’s R&D department and it is perfectly uniform and parallel, with no visible hotspots. The beam angle can be adjusted from 0.5° to 5° resulting in exceptional light intensity, which cannot be produced by a LED or traditional light source.

If you consider its light output and the size of the front lens, the body of this remarkable light is lightweight and compact. This allows the unit both to be moved with relative ease in any environment and to be rigged on trusses for use on tours. Its body is IP66 protection rated and marine grade.

So, it is capable of working in any weather conditions and in environments with high marine salinity and a high risk of corrosion. A sophisticated internal heating system designed specifically for this product means it can even work at very low temperatures (as low as -40°).

The Arolla Aqua is Claypaky’s top-of-the-range weather-resistant light. It is a true workhorse with IP66 rating and technical and construction features which were once unimaginable for this kind of light. The Arolla Aqua fits a white 900 W (7000 K) LED light source, capable of a 40,000-lumen output.

This means it can compete with both high-power-range lights (given its output) and medium-power-range lights (given its small size and weight). Its uniform light beam is another key feature. The high quality of the beam, its density, and the total absence of spurious lights can be appreciated with the naked eye, and its zoom can be adjusted over a linear 5.5°-50° range (9:1).

Thanks to our exclusive “Go-Bright” technology, there is no light loss or colour shift when gobos are inserted into the beam. The Arolla Aqua sets a new benchmark for professionals who are looking for a high-power IP66 light which is compact, reliable, and complete in every aspect, with top performance.

The Sharpy-X-Spot is a simplified Sharpy-X-Frame model, with all the same lighting, optical and construction features that have made this fixture so successful. First of all, it fits a powerful 550-Watt arc lamp, which makes this fixture extremely bright and produces deep, vivid, uniform colours, including an unparalleled deep red.

If needed, the “beam shaper” module – provided as an accessory – can be added, thus turning the Sharpy-X-Spot into a fully-fledged Sharpy-X-Frame. The module is automatically recognized by the product firmware. The Sharpy-X-Spot is ideal for those who want a light with excellent performance and a cost/performance ratio without equal on the market.

The Buddylight is Claypaky’s brand-new remote followspot system. It follows performers and speakers automatically, in a quick and easy way. The Buddylight can be used either in an Art-Net or DMX network – by setting up control priority management with the console – or in standalone mode, where it really comes into its element.

The Buddylight marks a further step towards ever-greater entertainment light automation. It is perfect for theatres, auditoriums and conference rooms.

The Mini-B Aqua was created to meet the huge demand from lighting professionals for a weather-resistant, lightweight, compact, agile mini-wash light. It is IP66 protection rated, making it suitable for all kinds of outdoor use.