Clair Bros C8-TrueFit System for American Music Theatre

Photography: © 2018 Brandon Martin

American Music Theatre, Pennsylvania, features both touring concerts and original shows. Clair brothers were selected to upgrade to its groundbreaking C8-TrueFit loudspeaker system.

Jim Martin, executive director at American Music Theatre explained: “Twenty-two years ago, we installed a top-of-the-line audio system from Clair Brothers that has served us well. When we were first told about C8-TrueFit technology, we were hopeful about what it could mean for our room.

“We already trust Clair Brothers, so it wasn’t a huge leap of faith to know they would deliver on the promise that the custom-tailored nature of TrueFit was the right way to go. Of course, it’s exceeded our expectations. We now recognise this system as the best technology on the market today. It is truly an acoustically true fit.”

As a general rule, C8-TrueFit arrays feature singularly-configured, continuously-variable and asymmetric waveguides that are “designed-to-order” based on a room’s distinctive shape. Clair Brothers TrueFit approach to venue-specific design customisation is made feasible through innovative 3D CAD software – a proprietary Clair Brothers engineering technology.

Brandon Martin, AMT’s director of production said: “As far as aesthetics, our room boasts unobstructed views from all seating options and a more contemporary design. The TrueFit system, with its compact size and impressive results, fits naturally into our room and does not detract from any audience or performer sightlines. It has the added benefit of looking sharp, too!”

Jim explained: “We now have a system that has twice the output potential but uses 40% less electricity than was used before. This upgrade, with its significant electricity savings, is part of a $1.8 million facility improvement, including a new energy-efficient HVAC system, a new eco-friendly roof, updates to our lobby lights with more energy-efficient bulbs, and more.

Jim concluded: “There are many high-end audio providers throughout the country. Fortunately for us, the best is right in our backyard. We’re privileged to have been working with Clair Brothers for the past twenty-two years and look forward to new and exciting ways we can continue to work together!”