Christie powers immersive experiences at Wonderland Science Fiction Exploration Hall

The 'Space Rescue' themed experience features realistic visuals of deep space powered by Christie Pandoras Box (Photo credit: Wonderland Science Fiction Exploration Hall)

Christie Pandoras Box and Widget Designer power the exciting visuals of a cutting-edge immersive entertainment experience targeted at teenagers and young adults. Located at the ZGC Science Fiction Industry Innovation Center in Beijing, this new attraction promises to engage guests through an interactive adventure.

Visitors at the Wonderland Science Fiction Exploration Hall are transported into an engaging sci-fi adventure set in deep space. Divided into two themed experiences, Space Rescue and Space Dinosaur Base, participants must engage in specific tasks and games to successfully complete their mission.

By utilising advanced film industry technology and digital interactive tools from Christie Pandoras Box, the attraction pioneers the fusion of digital and real spaces, creating an immersive experience with diverse thematic explorations that are tailored for young visitors. Pandoras Box Software and Widget Designer were supplied and installed in this facility by Christie’s trusted partner, Beijing De Yi Jia Chuang (Audiovisual) Ltd.

“We’re delighted to be involved in this groundbreaking project, which is part of a larger initiative to develop Beijing’s burgeoning science and technology industry cluster,” said Daiyuan Wang, General Manager of Beijing De Yi Jia Chuang. “Choosing Christie Pandoras Box to drive the visuals in this facility was a natural choice, given its proven track record in delivering versatile and high-performance show control and playback solutions that create breathtaking visual experiences.”

Christie Pandoras Box seamlessly facilitates the transition of distinct gaming scene effects for both immersive adventures, integrating multi-scene audio and video content with Widget Designer’s control algorithms, which adapt to various environments. The software is installed in two customised multimedia servers, each dedicated to immersive audio and visual integration for the respective themed experiences.

Wang added: “This setup allows for precise control of multi-scene storyline effects and efficient network distribution, ensuring unified reception of multi-channel input/output signals and optimal control of game modules. This empowers the operator to achieve real-time and precise playback control of various audio and video content.”

The installation, spanning a month, left the client thoroughly impressed with the results. Even though Christie Pandoras Box works quietly behind the scenes, it adeptly tackled the intricate software and hardware coordination challenges inherent in scene creation, emerging as the ideal solution.

Wang also noted that the cost to deploy Pandoras Box Software and Widget Designer for the Space Rescue and Space Dinosaur Base-themed experiences remained well within budget, with the entire installation and delivery process executed flawlessly.

April Qin, Senior Sales Director for China, Enterprise, Christie, commented: “We’re thrilled to see Pandoras Box shine at the Wonderland Science Fiction Exploration Hall. This project’s success reinforces the value of our award-winning Pandoras Box media and show control systems, particularly in ensuring the reliability of software and hardware for entertainment solutions and live events. This success also instils greater confidence in Beijing De Yi Jia Chuang to implement similar projects in the future.”