Christie LCD Displays Take Root at Institut für Holztechnologie

Christie Ultra Series LCD displays have been installed at a multi-purpose event space at the Institut für Holztechnologie (IHD) in Dresden. The institute – which researches how to best process wood from raw substance to finished product – made full use of its material of choice in the construction of a light and airy auditorium for presentations, lectures and events. The room features striking contemporary architecture, with a diamond-patterned wooden vaulted spruce ceiling, and large window façade overlooking lush green surroundings.

With the 13-meter-wide room in regular use throughout the week, a permanent low maintenance display was required in order to facilitate events in the versatile space. “Our goal was to create a place that can be used for all types of event, from symposia, through to the in-house exhibition, right up to corporate events or private functions,” said Thomas Hupfer, Head of IT and DS Coordinator at IHD.

Having no curtains or blinds to limit glare, the bright room provided a challenge for the AV technology. Although the windows face north, a lot of light reaches the outer rows of seating. In order to ensure clear visibility of the content on the display wall even from the back rows, image sharpness and the option for colour calibration were important aspects to consider when choosing appropriate technology.

Seventeen 55-inch Christie FHD552-X LCD panels were installed, with 16 implemented in a 4 by 4 video wall to make up the main display. An additional separate LCD panel was installed outside the room for program announcements and messaging. “We looked at a lot of display installations in and around Dresden before the project began and decided the 55-inch displays from the Christie Ultra Series were simply best suited for our purposes,” added Thomas. “One decisive feature, for example, was that the narrow bezels of the Ultra displays don’t interfere with the overall image.”

The LCD panels were supplied and installed by Christie partner Matec, a specialist for high-quality presentation solutions. The displays from the Christie Ultra Series particularly impress with their narrow bezel (3.7 mm combined), full HD resolution, high pixel density and LED backlighting.