Centre for Culture in Belarus Takes Prolights fixtures

The multidisciplinary Centre for Culture and Leisure “Orion”, in Belarus, opened late last year, and Prolights supplied a lighting-package tailored for the space.

The reconstruction of the old cinema took almost three years, and CinemaNext, Belarus’ Audiovisual solution provider played an important role to the re-development of the venue. The “Orion” was conceived not only to be a cinema-theatre, but also to be able to take on multidisciplinary events.

Prolights supplied moving-head fixtures like the Jade, Jet Spot4Z and Diamond 19CC, along with the linear LED pixel batten Lumipix 8H. “These units charged the stage with energy and rich colours, perfect for concerts and theatrical performances,” said Ulyana Barkova, Deputy Commercial Director for CinemaNext. Barkova added: “Prolights fixtures are incredibly easy to use, so there was very little training needed for the customer.”

The affordability of some of the products within Prolights’ range made possible to include a diverse lighting package without stretching the budget. Barkova added: “We wanted to design a rig that could provide a range of modern lighting effects. These fixtures did just that, with extreme high-quality but without a premium cost.”