Celestion Introduces the New TFX0515 Small-Format Coaxial Driver

Celestion, one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional loudspeakers and compression drivers for sound reinforcement applications, is pleased to announce the new TFX0515 5-inch ferrite magnet coaxial driver. With a rigid pressed steel chassis, 1.5” diameter polyimide voice coil, the TFX0515 provides a very cost-effective addition to the company’s well-established series of coaxial units, for applications including compact, fixed-install sound reinforcement and cinema audio.

Incorporating a number of performance improvements over the older TFX0512, including bigger LF and HF voice coils, the new TFX0515 driver also features a larger ferrite motor driving the low-frequency element, delivering overall greater power handling.

For HF reproduction, the device features a high sensitivity, 25mm/1 inch silk dome tweeter, driven by a highly compact neodymium magnet motor. With neodymium having a stronger magnetic force than ferrite, this permits the high-frequency element to be much smaller than would be the case if ferrite were used. The resulting compact size of the HF unit enables it to be positioned inside the LF driver’s voice coil, at the exact point where the acoustic centres of both sources are ‘coincident’. The benefit of this is well-matched directivity and time alignment of the LF and HF signal, delivering maximum signal coherence for a more natural sounding reproduction.

The new TFX driver emphasizes Celestion’s commitment to delivering a wide range of high quality solutions for sound reinforcement applications that demand a full-range point source solution. They further underscore the company as the world’s number one supplier of branded coaxial transducers.

“The entire coaxial range is a reflection of Celestion’s continuing commitment to providing sound reinforcement equipment designers with new options, and the new improved TFX0515 is the latest example of this,” said Celestion Marketing Product Manager Ken Weller. “For customers who like our coaxial drivers such as the FTX series, but perhaps need drivers that are more compact, more affordable, or both of the above, the TFX drivers provides the perfect solution.”