Calvary Baptist Worship Centre Benefits From EAW QX Series Loudspeakers

Calvary Baptist Church, located in Alexandria, Louisiana, recently constructed a new worship centre to accommodate their growing community. The 2,000-seat sanctuary features a new EAW sound reinforcement system designed around QX Series loudspeakers.

When the church decided an expansion was in order, they worked closely with Dallas-based design firm Idibri to ensure a high quality worship experience for their members. Idibri consulted on room design and seating layout, acoustics, theatrical lighting, stage and data system as well as the new audio/video system.

“We recommended an LCR system using QX loudspeakers to ensure vocal intelligibility while maintaining the musical quality they required,” explained Casey Sherred, Idibri consultant. “The goal is to make sure the audio system performs optimally in the space. EAW’s QX Series loudspeakers are an excellent point source solution with exceptional musicality – ideal for this application.”

The worship centre is a fan-shaped room with moderately graded main floor seating that merges into tiered seating toward the back of the room. Because the room will host both contemporary and traditional services, it was important that the acoustics and sound system be equally flexible.

“With an LCR system you have a lot of cabinets in clusters in close proximity,” Casey added. “The QX loudspeakers have excellent off-axis response, which makes it easy to put them in arrays and clusters. They also sound terrific which helps on the music side of the equation.”

Casey specified a total of 15 QX564i loudspeakers. Each cluster is made up of five boxes in a three over two configuration (long throw over short throw). The QX564i is loaded with an efficient mid/high compression driver with a 60° (h) x 45° (v) constant directivity horn. Four Phase Aligned 12-inch low frequency transducers arranged as vertical and horizontal pairs leverage beneficial interaction based on their spacing to extend pattern control well into the low frequency range. The loudspeaker clusters are hung behind a grill cloth facade, positioned directly above the lip of the stage.

“We did an LCR design for vocal and speech intelligibility, routing the majority of the vocals to the centre cluster,” Casey explained. “The mix to the left and right clusters allows the engineer to distribute the instruments and choir across a wide area which provides the audience with a wide enveloping sound. It’s really the best of both worlds for this space.”