Brompton Technology to show next-gen LED processing solutions at InfoComm 2023

Brompton Technology, LED video processing company, will be exhibiting its latest solutions at InfoComm in Orlando, Florida, 14-16th June.

Located on booth 761 within the Digital Signage Pavilion, Brompton will demo groundbreaking technology including its next-generation Tessera G1 receiver card and its new TrueLight technology.

“We’re thrilled to be returning to InfoComm, one of the biggest destinations in the U.S. to showcase innovations for LED processing,” shared Cesar Caceres, Product Lead at Brompton Technology.

“This year we are proud to show our new next-generation solutions – the G1 receiver card and TrueLight. We created the G1 as a platform to future proof panels for the increasingly complex software and algorithms required to optimise visual performance on LED.

“Its incredible processing power and capabilities led the way for our new TrueLight technology, which offers control of LED panels that have additional emitters, and this is just the beginning.”

Brompton’s Tessera G1 receiver card delivers 20X more computing power than the current industry-leading Tessera R2+.

It is designed to drive next-generation LED panels that can meet the extreme requirements of virtual production and other fast-growing segments demanding maximum performance, such as simulators and eGames.

With the G1 already being integrated into new panels by industry-leading LED manufacturers, these next-generation panels will deliver finer pixel pitches, ultra-high frame rates, and a broader spectral output of light, thanks to the addition of extra LED emitters per pixel.

TrueLight, driven by the Tessera G1 receiver card, enables control of panels with extra emitters – for example, RGBW.

This technology brings major benefits in situations where LED panels are contributing to the lighting of a scene, such as in a virtual production volume, where recreating reality is a top priority and the narrow spectral output of conventional RGB panels can cause colour shifts and unnatural skin tones.

TrueLight builds upon Brompton’s Dynamic Calibration technology, the only system on the market capable of providing complete spectrally-aware calibration for extra emitters.

It ensures that colorimetric precision and full colour and luminance correction are applied on a per-pixel basis, allowing for intelligent RGB to RGBW conversion that gives a broader spectral output for better lighting quality, while also maintaining precise colour accuracy.

Furthermore, TrueLight leverages other features within the Tessera software platform.

This includes PureTone for consistent linearity of both RGB and ‘W’ LED output, ThermaCal for temperature correction of all LED colours, ShutterSync to eliminate on-camera artefacts for direct-view applications, and Extended Bit Depth to significantly enhance the dynamic range of the video output.