Brompton Technology Excels at AV Innovation Days

The end of June saw Brompton Technology take part in one of Europe’s first face-to-face industry events since lockdown, the AV Innovation Days (AVID), organised and hosted by LANG AG at its LANG Academy in Lindlar, Germany.

Designed as an accompanying event for InfoComm Connected, LANG hosted the three-day fair with both new and familiar AV technologies on display, whilst adhering to strict hygiene and safety rules. Leading LED panel manufacturers showcased their innovative solutions, with Brompton partnering with INFiLED to demonstrate how its panels have benefitted from Brompton’s highly acclaimed HDR solution.

“The event offered a perfect platform to discuss some of the key developments in the AV industry, such as the increased use of curved, or faceted, applications which are based on a variety of corresponding products. Also, the emerging trend of virtual LED studios instead of green screen studios is an interesting niche marked right now, as protagonists can interact with their environment. That makes recording much more efficient and saves post-production costs,” shared Benjamin Valbert, Director LED & Displays at LANG AG.

Valbert notes that choosing the right LED processor is an important requirement in supporting these trends. Whilst most LED processors provide the basic functions necessary for video display, they can have limited to no adjustment capabilities compared to more full-featured processors, which have numerous options for colour adjustments and image scaling, and are designed with LED-on-camera applications in mind.

“Equally, with rental applications, for example, where setup time is limited, operator knowledge is not always the same and failures need to be eliminated as quickly as possible,” Benjamin added. “This means that processing needs to be intuitive and provide several options for trouble shooting, with features that are able to get the very last bit out of your hardware, or simply overdrive the system for a reasonable period of time.”

After using Brompton Technology’s Hydra advanced measurement system to perform Dynamic Calibration, the enabling technology for Brompton HDR, on its DB 2.6 series LED panels manufactured with Brompton’s R2 receiver cards, the INFiLED team were in complete agreement. “One of the major, and most noticeable, differences for us was the extended colour gamut and enhanced luminance of the panels,” said Marco Bruines, Sr. Vice President of INFiLED EMEA.

The immediate effect was visible both with SDR and HDR video content, with the improvements added to the plethora of fine-tuning tools already offered by Brompton’s Tessera SX40 4K LED processor. “This gives us a significant advantage when dealing with busy clients like INFiLED, who have a lot of projects going on at the same time and need a highly reliable and versatile LED processing solution,” stated Dries Vermeulen, Business Development Manager – Europe at Brompton, who was on hand throughout AVID. “When our Tessera LED processor encounters an issue, its intelligent algorithm takes care of it, so it’s not necessary to even think about how to solve the problem.”

Whilst the LANG team is looking forward to visiting InfoComm next year, based on the positive feedback received from this event, they will have no hesitation in repeating AVID in the future. “AVID was a great success for our customers, suppliers and LANG,” said LANG CEO, Tobias Lang. “For a lot of visitors, this was their first trip after more than 13 weeks of working from home during lockdown; they told us it was like balm to the soul. It is also incredibly useful to understand what kind of business has a strong development curve at the moment. With this knowledge, the industry now has a much better focus.”

The INFiLED team concur, stating they were very happy to be able to meet their key contacts and customers again in person and experience a new form of tradeshow participation. “The AV industry is well known for its passion for new technology,”Marco concluded. “Our customers were excited to see the latest products and market trends, including Brompton’s incredible HDR technology.

“Successful business relationships are achieved through a combination of high-quality products, solid pre-sales quality control and a high service level. The nature of this type of technology means it’s essential to have close relationships with customers and able to solve problems at any time. Offering global 24/7 customer support on top of a tested and reliable processing technology is just one of the values that makes Brompton stand out.”