Brompton Tech to demonstrate next-gen LED video processing at LDI

Brompton Technology will exhibit its latest tech at the 2023 LDI Show, taking place from December 3-5. In booth #903, Brompton will show off its TrueLight technology, which delivers high-quality lighting from LED panels with extra emitters – offering accurate, calibrated RGBW colours, and ideal control over spectral output from RGB panels.

TrueLight is powered by Brompton’s Tessera G1 receiver card, and it builds upon Brompton’s Dynamic Calibration technology, the only system on the market capable of providing complete spectrally-aware calibration for extra emitters.

TrueLight ensures that colorimetric precision and full colour and luminance correction are applied on a per-pixel basis, allowing for intelligent RGB to RGBW conversion that gives a broader spectral output for better lighting quality, while also maintaining precise colour accuracy.

This brings particular benefits in situations where LED panels are contributing to the lighting of a scene, such as in a virtual production volume, where recreating reality is a top priority and the narrow spectral output of conventional RGB panels can cause colour shifts and unnatural skin tones.

Brompton will offer TrueLight presentations twice daily at their booth. The booth will also feature an interactive RGBW tunnel, powered by ROE Carbon 5 MKII RGBW LED panels, where visitors can walk through an enclosed setup illuminated by LEDs, play with different props, and experience TrueLight in action first-hand.

Additionally, Brompton’s Product Lead Cesar Caceres will speak on a panel in the INFiLED booth (#993) on Sunday, December 3 at 1:30pm. Along with INFiLED’s Director of Technical Services Adam Coleman and VIVE MARS’ Developer Relations Lead Raymond Mosco, this panel will cover emerging XR and virtual production technologies and trends.

“We’re thrilled to be showcasing TrueLight at this year’s LDI Show. LDI is always an inspiring gathering that covers so many areas of entertainment technology. We’re excited to connect with partners, customers, and beyond, to share how Brompton serves each of these markets,” concluded Sean Sheridan, Brompton’s General Manager (Americas).