Blaze Audio announces PowerZone Connect 8-Channel Power Amplifiers

Blaze Audio has announced the new PowerZone Connect 8-channel Power Amplifiers. Consisting of four models— the PowerZone Connect 508, 1008, 4008, and 6008—these new amplifiers are powered by Pascal UMAC Class-D technology, delivering unparalleled reliability and efficiency, along with exceptional system configuration.

Available in 1RU (PowerZone Connect 508 / 1008) and 2RU (PowerZone Connect 4008 / 6008) form factors, these new 8-channel amplifiers can power both conventional low-impedance (508 & 1008: 4Ω to 16Ω / 4008 & 6008: 2Ω to 16Ω) loudspeakers and constant voltage (70V/100V) transformer-coupled loudspeakers.

Furthermore, they feature automatic power-sharing technology for proportional distribution in both Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes. All models also incorporate Blaze Audio’s versatile DSP web app controller, PowerZone Control, for intuitive system setup.

The PowerZone Connect 8-channel amplifiers range from a total power of 500W to 6000W, with the PowerZone Connect 4008 and 6008 exceeding 3000W—making these two amplifiers the first Blaze Audio models to reach this power rating.

All four Blaze Audio PowerZone Connect 8-channel amplifier models share a rich feature set—making them ideally suited for a wide range of installations. These amplifiers offer 8 balanced Euroblock inputs and 8 unbalanced RCA Phono inputs.

They also include S/PDIF digital audio I/O with routing that can be configured via the PowerZone Control web app, a configurable GPIO (General Purpose I/O), along with 8 configurable loudspeaker outputs that utilize Euroblock connectors.

Like all other models in Blaze Audio’s PowerZone Connect amplifier family, the four new PowerZone Connect 8-channel amplifiers include support for Blaze Audio’s PowerZone Control web app.

PowerZone Control facilitates effortless customization of even the most challenging audio/voice systems and provides adept management of multiple DSP configurations. This includes multi-zone setup, input mixing, priority and ducking, input and output EQ, S/PDIF output routing, high-pass filter, loudspeaker management and presets, delay, and more—making it ideally suited to the demanding requirements of advanced system installations such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, educational facilities, theatres, bars, cafes, fitness & sports venues, hospitality spaces, and facilities with multiple meeting/conference rooms.

George Tennet, VP of Sales and Marketing at Blaze Audio commented: “We are very happy to launch our first 8-channel amplifiers. We’ve had countless requests for 8-channel models since we launched the brand, so now our distributors and installation partners can use Blaze Audio in more complex locations with more channel counts.”

“Our PowerZone Control DSP remains the same on these new install amps: easy to use, easy to configure – but now with a view over an 
 8-channel setup. We look forward to bringing them to our global partners immediately after ISE,” concluded Tennet.