Bertie’s Proper Fish & Chips Installs AUDAC Fixtures

In the picturesque Victoria Street in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh you can find Bertie’s. Bertie’s is a restaurant in a former Church that serves “Proper fish & chips”. To stay in the seafood theme the whole restaurant is decorated with ropes, anchors and wall-hung oars.

CUK, AUDAC’s distributor in the United Kingdom, delivered a full AUDAC installation to the brand new restaurant. The dining area is equipped with 14 elegant and easily installable ATEO6 wall speakers to provide a great sound quality over the whole venue. These ATEO’s are accompanied by 12 CELO8 high-end ceiling speakers and 5 CELO5 high-end ceiling speakers. These CELO’s are used because of its high-end audio reproduction that seem to disappear into the interior design. Thanks to 2 MWX65 all-in-one wall panels the input signals and volume can easily be controlled at strategic points in the restaurant.

The audio system is built around a MTX48 zone mixer that separates the restaurant in multiple zones and makes sure the speakers produce the right sound where needed. With the out of your pocket free AUDAC Touch app that operates with the MTX48, it’s easier than ever to control the entire audio system in a snap. The whole system is powered by 2 SMQ350 quad-channel power amplifiers.