BASSBOSS MK3 has arrived

BASSBOSS has announced the much-anticipated MK3 series is now arriving to dealers nationwide.

MK3 brings performance improvements and an enhanced user experience – with an upgraded 96kHz DSP, weatherproof inputs, waterproof power connectors, global power compatibility, and improved amplifier power allocation.

Additionally, the new ControlBASS software for easy remote management is being introduced.

“Following the announcement of the new feature-filled BASSBOSS MK3 series and the electrifying demo experience at NAMM ’23, we are massively excited that dealers will finally be able to deliver this world-class solution,” noted National Sales Manager Samia Scoda.

“The level of enthusiasm across the board for the brand and this new series is unprecedented and is a testament to BASSBOSS’s customer-centric design focus. For customers who seek incredible performance and value, MK3 delivers!”

The upgraded DSP in the MK3 series boasts significantly more processing power. The 96kHz sampling rate is double that of previous generations. Users will immediately notice higher resolution, a lower noise floor, and even greater fidelity.

The number of directly accessible preset curves has doubled from four to eight, and presets can be easily cycled at the touch of a button with no signal drop-outs. Up to 100 additional onboard presets are available via the intuitive ControlBASS software.

A new integrated two-port networking switch allows for cascaded network configurations for control of multiple cabinets at once. The easy-to-use ControlBASS application, available for both Mac and Windows, enables users to monitor system status, control levels, and update processing options remotely.

In addition to the new DSP, BASSBOSS has also updated its amplifiers to improve power utilisation.

The new amplifiers allocate more power to low-frequency channels – where more power is always needed – increasing overall system output capacity.

The MK3 series power supplies are operable on inputs from 90-250VAC, allowing more efficient operation on generators and power distribution systems, as well as making them electrically compatible worldwide.

The MK3 line also features rugged Neutrik powerCON TOP (True Outdoor Protection) power connectors, providing IP65-level protection for added peace of mind in harsh conditions.

“It has been a long time and a lot of work to incorporate all the updates I wanted to include, but the BASSBOSS MK3 series has finally arrived!” noted BASSBOSS President and Designer, David Lee.

“l am thrilled to be able to provide these upgrades in performance and features to our customers. I believe they enhance the value of the products significantly, now and far into the future.”