Bankroll Philadelphia sports bar is outfitted with 1 SOUND

The newly-opened Bankroll is a new take on a Philadelphia sports bar. Bankroll set out to be the answer for the void in luxury sports and entertainment.

This 13,000 sq ft and 350-plus seat restaurant and entertainment-viewing social experience is an impressive addition to Center City’s nightlife.

CEO, Padma Rao stated: “I think are going to change the game on how people come together to experience sports and live events with our range of access levels and experiences.

“We’re encouraging guests to look up at the same big screen together, celebrate big wins and monumental moments with the table next to you, and ask for advice on the under from a real person that’s sitting across the bar. We’re bringing people back together with technology rather than keeping them apart.”

Electrosonic lead the audio/video system installation, outfitting this elevated sports bar with an installed 1 SOUND audio system and unparalleled 1,200 sq foot state-of-the-art LED screens. Bankroll was built in the restored 1928 art-deco Boyd Theater.

For the main entertainment and bar space the two-level ‘Big Game Room’ sits behind the theatre’s restored marquee.

On either side of the centre wall LED screen is a 1 SOUND Tower 2 System hung as the room’s main PA system. The Tower 2 System, consists of one Tower LCC84 rigged to a SUB310 using the Tower Rigging System accessory.

This system is commonly configured as a system that sits on the floor, however, for this application Electrosonic hung the subwoofer and the Tower cardioid column with the desired angle.

The Tower LCC84 has a wide dispersion of 120° with a premiere clarity that shines for the TV playback audio that will be amplified. The cardioid behaviour helps limit room reflections in this multilevel space where the original art-deco stain glass is situated behind the main speaker hangs, resulting in more sonic intelligibility for the space.

In the off-set dining rooms, Electrosonic installed Cannon C6s above the screens with distributed WSUB45s mounted to the wall using their dedicated C-Clamp.

Bankroll is set up to entertain private events and viewing parties, so Cannon C5s are also used on either side of screens in dedicated private event areas.

The energetic atmosphere is set from the minute you walk in, with two full-range Cannon C6 situated in the reception area.

“Our decision to build this next-generation sports and entertainment venue was born from the fact that Philadelphia has the greatest fans in the world, and we saw a white space for a high-end venue that would bring people together for a new kind of viewing experience,” noted Rao.

“The commitment that Philadelphians have for their teams is incredible, so why not give those passionate fans the best place to watch the game?”

Dedicated to providing guests with a modern and premium version of entertainment similarly experienced by Boyd Theater visitors back in the 1920s and 30s, Bankroll is the Boyd in the Digital Age with premium technology.