Ayrton Mistral S for Saturate Designs

Saturate Designs, Thailand recently invested in 16 Ayrton Mistral S fixtures which were supplied by Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for Thailand, Total Solution Marketing Thailand.

“We now own 16 Mistral S which we use across a variety of our own projects and designs,” began Mr Peem Poolpol, Lighting and Creative Designer at Saturate Designs. “We had previously searched for a small ‘easy to carry’ fixture which could still maintain the high quality and strong light output that is so necessary for our designs. We then discovered Mistral S which is perfect for the kind of work that we do, and, additionally, as an excellent substitute for the riders of many international artists.”

“The Mistrals are currently on the fixture list for most of our shows, which can be anything from a small live house of 500 people up to a maximum of 12,000 people for arena shows. The Mistrals are great for most of the applications in each venue that we bring them into. There are some shows where the stages are quite big and need a bit more power, but with the right placement, the Mistral’s 300W LED light source works well as it is pretty bright for its size. We are hoping to add more Mistrals in the near future and are also looking at bigger models from Ayrton,” Poolpol continued.

Service is always an important factor when purchasing new equipment and Saturate Designs was not disappointed with their experience with Total Solution Marketing. “We are delighted with our Mistral S fixtures, especially the good quality of the build and the ease of use with such a light weight product,” confirmed Mr Poolpol. “We are very happy with the service we received from Total Solution and look forward to exploring a variety of fixtures from the other Ayrton series with them in the future.”

Tevin Heng, Executive Director of Total Solution Marketing commented: “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Saturate Designs for their faith in choosing Ayrton Mistral. Saturate Designs is a team of young, exciting, and highly sought-after lighting designers who have captivated audiences in Thailand with their bold and innovative approach. We are glad the Mistral S performance has exceeded their expectations and is now a key member of their lighting inventory.”