AVIXA Women’s Council Expands Global Presence

The AVIXA Women’s Council, a global community for supporting and empowering women in the AV industry, has announced the addition of a new local group in Hong Kong.

The AVIXA Women’s Council was formed in 2015 and today has 47 local groups around the world with more than 860 members. With the addition of Hong Kong, the council now has seven local groups outside of the United States.

The formation of the Hong Kong group is led by Joy Balboa, Regional Marketing Manager for Vega Global, and Heather Li, Director of Digital Workplace Solutions for Vega Global. The new group is actively recruiting members and plans to host its first networking event soon.

“We are seeing more women moving into careers in AV and IT in Asia,” said Joy . “But there is a lack of platforms for women to network, advance their careers, and find training. That’s what led us to work with the AVIXA Women’s Council to start a local group in Hong Kong.”

“We take pride in the diversity of our workforce and industry. It drives innovation.” added Heather. “But diversity can only be successful in an environment that recognizes and values all genders, races, cultures, and all our differences. That is inclusion. It is our joint task to welcome every person into our industry.”

The AVIXA Women’s Council groups around the world support women AV professionals through a multitude of ways, from hands-on training and preparation for the Certified Technologist Specialist (CTS) exam, to networking, mentorship, and job training. The groups also support their local communities through volunteer work with food banks, the Girl Scouts, and other philanthropic organizations.

“It’s really motivating to see the support these AV professionals have for each other,” said Brandy Alvarado, AVIXA Women’s Council Chair. “They want to help women reach their professional goals and take the industry to new heights. The enthusiasm from people around the world that want to get involved shows how eager the AV community is to connect, learn, and make a difference.”