AV Stumpfl in Control at FC Bayern Munich’s Säbener Lounge

The exclusive Säbener Lounge is the latest addition to the Allianz Arena and promises a treat for all the senses. There is excellent food to taste, smells to appreciate, and sights and sounds to complete the ambiance of a party atmosphere that is usually experienced on game nights at FC Bayern, Munich.

The smart building technology used to streamline the interior lighting, sound and multimedia imagery was designed and implemented by Wilhelm & Wilhalm – event technology in partnership with AV Stumpfl.

The furniture was designed by Poltrona Frau and Züco Swiss Quality and houses large-scale LED video walls, high-definition televisions, LED video signage on the bar, an advanced background music system and individually adjustable lighting.

Alexander Wilhelm, CEO at Wilhelm & Wilhalm – event technology stated the following: “Because this was a multi-purpose venue that would be used for match day events such as a team and game parties, corporate event or briefings, it was vital that the system was easy to use by staff using a single interface. We turned to AV Stumpfl to provide the control system technology and support – and we never looked back!”

Wilhelm & Wilhalm – event technology integrated AV Stumpfl Avio (Audio Visual Input Output) that works as a dedicated network abstraction layer bringing all system devices on the same communication layer. AV Stumpfl’s Wings Touch acts as user interface for iPad control of scenes. This means that staff can operate the system using a single interface.

The control system is as sleek as it could be: Just a few Wings IObox modules are used to interface to DMX and RS232 and to conduct the system’s logical operations. The IObox hardware is smart and compact and can switch inputs, outputs and serial devices to make them accessible 24/7 from control devices and media servers. Additionally, the IObox built-in web server hosts touch interfaces for tablets and smartphones.

The installation was quick and easy; within two days, the systems were integrated and can now be operated by the lounge staff on busy match days, when the lounge is usually hired out.

Klemens Schwarz, Software Project Manager at AV Stumpfl, also commented about the Säbener Lounge’s installation: “Everybody involved in modern AV installations and projects will be familiar with the challenges of having numerous devices from different manufacturers all speaking a different language. The work that our AV Stumpfl Gold Partner, Wilhelm & Willhalm – event technology has achieved for the Säbener Lounge sets a new standard in smart building control.”

Säbener Lounge comprises a 1030 square metre lounge and 90 square metre kitchen and can entertain up to 500 exclusive guests. Much like the flawless merging of all the senses, the technology used for the lighting and imagery of the venue has been created to work together in harmony for ease of use by lounge staff and to add to the sights and sounds of the Säbener Lounge.

Wilhelm & Willhalm – event technology are the team responsible for the technical equipment and operation of the stadium as well as the press centre at Allianz Arena, including the first animated digital backdrop, digital signage kiosk at the Bundesliga and over 30 kiosks.