Audiologic Appoints Business Manager

Audiologic has confirmed the appointment of Simon Jones to the post of Business Manager.

Jones joins the company after a number of years’ service at Sennheiser. During his career, Jones has been immersed in every aspect of audio, from manufacture and servicing through to system design, installation and project management, as well as gaining a thorough understanding of product specification, development and sales.

Andy Lewis, Sales and Marketing Director at Audiologic, commented: “We’re genuinely thrilled to have secured the services of such a well-respected and popular industry figure. Simon not only brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience of all things audio to the company but a track record of proven success and an enviable reputation as a principled and customer-focused operator. Those are precisely the qualities that Audiologic seeks to promote and I’m confident that he will thrive in our close-knit environment.”

Jones added: “When the chance arose to work with Audiologic, there was no hesitation whatsoever. The company is highly thought of throughout the industry and is seen as an organisation that places real value on going the extra mile to satisfy its customers and their clients. I’ve learned a great deal about the technical side of audio provision over the years but I’ve also devoted a lot of energy to building close relationships – I’m of the firm belief that my success has been based on both these criteria. Speaking with Andy and the Audiologic team left me in no doubt that my approach is very much in tune with their view of business and I look forward to helping the company continue its impressive growth.”