Audiologic Introduces Learning Space

The Learning Space

Audiologic has welcomed the addition of a learning space demonstration and education facility at its Harlow headquarters.

The multi-room learning space features permanently installed products from across the Audiologic portfolio, as well as the capacity to set up temporary systems for demonstration and training purposes.

Sales and Marketing Director at Audiologic, Andy Lewis commented: “Audiologic is not just a distributor or shifter of boxes – we’re so much more than that. The development of the Learning Space is another tangible commitment in offering our customers the best possible ongoing support.

“In today’s technological climate, education and training in the AV field has never been more important. Amongst our extensive portfolio of products lie the solutions to every audio challenge to be faced, but selection of the right products is critical to achieving the ultimate marriage of quality and value.

Lewis added: “By enabling our customers to come in and see a variety of products in action and discuss with our expert team the most effective path to successful outcomes, we believe we are offering them the indisputable advantages of experience, detailed consultation and better-informed choices.”

Audiologic’s suppliers will benefit by their products being more easily available to customers in a physical sense, meaning integrators and their customers can see products in action. Lewis continued: “The case for the Learning Space being of benefit to customers, end-users and suppliers is clear but it’s also worth making the point that it will be of huge benefit to us as well.

“This goes a long way to cementing customer confidence, in the fact that we can assist from the outset of a project through to its successful conclusion. By closely interacting with our customers, we can also gain valuable feedback that contributes to the way we shape our training. The whole concept is a definite win-win,” he concluded.