AUDAC 30-year Anniversary Celebrating the Biggest year in its Existence

2022 will be a special year for AUDAC and its family, not only because they will celebrate 30 years of having the pleasure to bring their innovative solutions to the market, yet more important since it will be one of the biggest years in their existence both on an innovative as on a commercial level.

On a technical level, AUDAC has the pleasure of launching a project they have been working on for over 3 years and where the brand feels more than ever that the market is ready for this new solution.

For this innovation, they went back to one of their success stories 20 years ago; The development of the world’s first web-based matrix. Based on these foundations of innovation, they have worked with tremendous passion on a completely new ecosystem, a networked ecosystem.

This solution will not only include a Dante-driven matrix but will consist of all peripheral devices you can expect to supplement and strengthen the system, such as wall panels, paging microphones, and many more compatible devices.

In addition to all these innovative developments, the commercial team has certainly not stood still either. AUDAC therefore will proudly announce a refreshed corporate identity that will include a new logo, simplified product categorization, a renewed website and many more.

Therefore, with this birthday party which will be spread over complete 2022, the Belgian audio manufacturer wants to look back at their journey and wants to show with this extensive campaign that the future will only continue to build upon the original AUDAC values.