Attractions Technology Collaborative announces Dark Ride Lab reboot

After an overwhelming response from attendees, The Attractions Technology Collaborative will reboot the Dark Ride Lab in June for anyone who may have missed it or wants to experience it again.

The Dark Ride Lab also offers a glimpse of what to expect during the Annual Attractions Technology Lab event in November 2023

Representing manufacturers that serve the attractions technology market, founding partners Alcorn McBride Inc, Christie, Garner Holt, Oceaneering, and Weigl Control created the Dark Ride Lab as a hub of innovation.

As such, it became a place where engineers, designers, and creatives collaborate to bring audiences the most innovative tools to create awe-inspiring experiences.

The collaborative approach delivers comprehensive, real-world attraction applications designed to let those who work in the industry get a behind-the-scenes look at the technology and learn how a dark ride comes together without the pressure of a deadline.

IA Stage first became involved with ATL in 2023 for the pilot show at Oceaneering’s Orlando facility.

“Mark [Black] walked into our suite at Panasonic Tech Days [at Disney 2023] and told me that we were providing masking for the Attractions Technology Lab and that load-in was in two weeks,” said Marta Peliwo, Marketing & Trade Show Coordinator for IA Stage.

She added: “We do a lot of work with the parks, so this was a natural fit for us and what a great opportunity to work with a great group of people. We jumped on board and we made that load-in date!”

Participating companies have expanded from the original 6 to include 4Wall, IA Stage, QSC, PowerSoft, The Juice, GoodTheory, CarbonBlack, and Strong MDI.

This wide-ranging group of companies have come together to provide the technology and staffing from content creation to lighting effects; A/V needs to motion and lighting control; rigging services to masking drapes; ride vehicles to the programming required to make them move.

For the June event this year, IA Stage will again be providing rigging services and masking drapes in addition to some ground-supported truss. In November, it will add a SkyAscend self-climbing hoist and two PL-600 projector lifts.