Astro Spatial Audio Welcomes Graham Murray

Graham Murray

Astro Spatial Audio announced the appointment of well-known industry expert Graham Murray as the Global Business Development Manager.

Graham has 35 years of experience and expertise, with the desire to “raise Astro Spatial Audio’s profile on a worldwide level and cultivate the success that this astonishing technology deserves”.

With technical expertise and a deep knowledge of the global audio industry, Graham has experience across a broad spectrum of market sectors within the pro audio sphere, from high-end broadcast and post-production to the studio sector and live sound.

Many high profile reference projects have taken place over the last 12 months at Astro Spatial Audio; including the completion of a landmark object-based immersive audio installation within the Berlin Opera House, and the creation of a fully immersive audio experience for Broadway musical The Band’s Visit.

Graham said: “Having watched ASA’s progress over the last two years, it is now a great pleasure to finally join the team and become part of the company’s amazing journey into the 3D, immersive audio arena.

“Astro Spatial Audio’s founder, Bjorn Van Munster, has done an outstanding job building the brand with some significant successes in high profile venues across the globe.

“With this exciting technology and the brand agnostic nature of the Sara II Premium Rendering Engine, I look forward to helping Astro Spatial Audio establish itself as the industry standard platform it deserves to be.”

Bjorn Van Munster, Director of Astro Spatial Audio said: “Astro Spatial Audio has grown quickly and I’m very proud of what we have achieved so far, but we have also been watching carefully for the right person and the right opportunity to help us expand even further.

“Now, with Graham’s extraordinary experience and knowledge we are ready to leap to the next level. I am delighted to welcome Graham into the Astro Spatial Audio family.”