Astera launches two new fresnel products

Wireless LED lighting specialist Astera has launched two new fresnel products – the PlutoFresnel for medium to small spaces and applications and the LeoFresnel.

The new products are a cable-free LED alternative to the classic 1K fresnel ideal for scenarios requiring more power and punch.

These are the first battery-powered fresnel lighting fixtures developed by Astera, which are supplied as a complete package with barn doors, a full yoke with TVMP adapter for stand mounting, a removable handle, and several other super-useful accessories.

While developed in response to more immediate market demand, the R ‘n’ D, especially in relation to lens development, will form the basis of some exciting future Astera product plans.

These two initial high-quality and very practical fixtures – named after a Greek mythological figure and a large constellation of stars, combining an element of technological mystique with power and beauty – also shake up the traditional fresnel market, bringing some fresh ideas and impetus.

While fresnels have been established, well used and popular for so many years, the Astera team believed it was time for some innovation.

Astera’s film and broadcast users had been mentioning the need for a “good” fresnel with a projection lens option, so after additional research, it transpired that the event industry would also benefit from a similar luminaire and the seeds germinated.

The first battery-powered fresnels complete with an optical system, Astera’s award-winning Titan LED engine and the future in mind are here.

The Pluto and Leo fresnels are supplied complete with multiple mounting options and the accessories mentioned above.

Furthermore, the lenses can be removed so the light source can be used in different ways which will include being mounted to a projector utilising a lens to be launched later in the year.

The PlutoFresnel offers a 15° to 60° beam angle without any colour fringing, both wired and wireless DMX control with an inbuilt battery with up to three hours run time.

The full spectrum high rendition Titan LED engine offers an output that is comparable to a traditional 300W Tungsten fresnel, yet the power consumption is less than 80W, and the fixture weighs a tidy 4.5kg, ideal for small and less accessible spaces.

The PlutoFresnel has a removable handle, foldable legs and YokeBases making mounting and adjustment straightforward while enhancing creativity and productivity.

The larger LeoFresnel is comparable in light output to a standard 1K tungsten lamp, however, it has an even higher lumen value than this industry benchmark when running in 6500K daylight white.

It is also powered by the full spectrum high rendition Titan LED engine and consumes dramatically less power.

Its 15° to 60° beam emits a beautiful quality of light with no colour fringing as well as wireless and wired DMX control, with a two-hour onboard battery, and a 250W power consumption.

It weighs 14kg and has a removable handle compatible with Airline Track systems, plus a full range of helpful and practical accessories including quick-release YokeBases for mounting and adjusting, and a TVMP adapter T-Bolt thread handle on the yoke for attaching an Astera Runtime Extender or Airline Track.

The Leo fresnel lens is also detachable, and as previously mentioned, Astera will be launching a series of projection lenses which will transform it into a multipurpose fixture with potent projection capabilities, complete with a slot for size B glass or metal gobos, making it hugely versatile.

This feature combined with the dynamic zoom will also be of special interest to the event industry.

Both sizes of Astera Fresnel have a 4-leaf barn door system that can be extended to 8 leaves for the accurate shuttering of light, and the fixtures are compatible with several DoP Choice products including the Rabbit Rounder for beam modifiers and various soft boxes.