APG’s Uniline Compact Unleashed in Europe and Asia

Since its official launch last April at Frankfurt’s ProLight + Sound, APG‘s new series of workhorse compact loudspeakers has conquered several key markets including Germany, Asia and of course, France.

APG’s first rental staging clients put the new UC206N (Narrow) and UC206W (Wide) Uniline Compact loudspeakers to the test along with the versatile subs from the Uniline range.

With the introduction in July of the new dedicated UC115B sub, the series is now complete.

Adopting the same approach as its Uniline “big brother”, the Uniline Compact allows rental stagers to use the new UC range in any acoustical set up, whether flown or on the ground.

The Uniline Compact is arguably the only 4-way active range in the market in such a compact box. It’s also one of the only systems with two line array models offering constant horizontal acoustic dispersion: 70° on the Narrow version to improve throw distance as well as intelligibility, 105° on the Wide version to foster stereo image even in near range and to ensure compatibility with WFS 3D sound.

The new coaxial Isotop motor confers impressive levels of intelligibility in particular for the vocal bandwidth. Another advantage of the Uniline Compact range is an impressive size to power ratio and an exceptional musicality down to the low frequency range, even in wide mode.

Because of the high sonic performance, the UC range can replace all conventional line arrays in 6.5’’ (17cm), 8’’ (20cm) and a wide range of system applications in 10’’ (25cm). With as little as two speakers in full range, the Uniline Compact can cater for audiences of between 100 and 1,500 people and can be used as a supporting sound system, stage lip, delay, balcony front fill, side fill, etc.

In just three months since its launch, the new Uniline Compact has been successfully deployed for TV sets, concerts, jazz and rock festivals, corporate events and musicals.