Analog Way Announces Major Updates for Midra 4K Presentation Switchers

Analog Way announces the release of a major software update for the Midra 4K range of presentation switchers with more than 20 new features, including IP streaming, support of the RC400T event controller and live background content on Pulse 4K.

Ideally tailored to small/medium-sized fixed installations and live environments, the Midra 4K series offers the highest reliability, the lowest latency, unrivaled ease of use, optimal image quality and state-of-the-art live 4K processing features. The range includes four products: QuickVu 4K, QuickMatrix 4K, Pulse 4K and Eikos 4K.

With the 2.0 software release, the Midra 4K series now offers an IP streaming functionality, allowing any input or output to broadcast over IP. The streaming feature could be used to feed an online web service such as YouTube, Facebook and, distribute the content over a private network, display the content or edit it thanks to software like OBS Studio.

The Midra 4K switchers also can now be operated by the powerful RC400T event controller designed to greatly increase the level of operational efficiency and give instant access to crucial functionalities such as screens, layers, sources and memories.

Additionally, with the 2.0 software release, live sources can now be used in the background set for the Pulse 4K multi-layer video mixer and seamless presentation switcher.

Many other improvements are available in this version, such as the integration of high frame rates up to 144HZ, new HDCP policy management, support of the https protocol and more.

To discover all the benefits of this new software version and to download it, visit the Midra 4K presentation switchers page.