Amino goes wireless with the launch of H200W at InfoComm

Amino announced the launch of its H200W, an advanced addition to the H200 series. This new model builds on the success of the H200 by incorporating Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth (BLE 5.2), offering unprecedented deployment flexibility and enhanced performance for digital signage and enterprise video applications.

Amino’s H200 series, featuring the H200 and the newly introduced H200W, is designed to meet the diverse needs of any signage or enterprise video application. The functionality of the successful H200 is now enhanced through the wireless connectivity of the H200W, providing an expanded range of use cases and simplifying deployment in challenging environments.

“The H200W is a really significant addition to our H200 series and this brings more deployment flexibility to our product line-up to support markets such as retail where cabling and deployment costs of wired solutions can be prohibitive,” said Jonny McKee, VP of Product Management & Customer Support, Amino.

“Wi-Fi 6 is a robust solution in environments where the spectrum is congested or noisy making it suitable for signage applications, and we have also taken the opportunity to add Bluetooth to the H200W and increase the standard memory specification. These additions enable innovative use cases such as detection of audience presence and improved content caching.”

Integrating Wi-Fi 6 and BLE 5.2 wireless connectivity in enterprise and digital signage environments offers significant benefits. It reduces installation costs and complexity by eliminating extensive cabling. Wireless connectivity also allows flexible placement of devices, enhancing viewing options and the scalability of Wi-Fi networks makes adding devices without reconfiguring wiring easy – ideal for dynamic spaces such as retail or conference rooms.

By including BLE5.2 in the solution as well as additional storage, this product enhancement enables new use cases such as integrating presence applications with advertising and signage content and additional storage and SD card expansions enable improved caching ensuring a robust solution in the most hostile Wi-Fi environments.