Amate Audio ultra-compact coaxial point source X14FD speaks Dante

Amate Audio has announced the launch of the ultra-compact, high performance X14FD; a point source, dual-purpose front-of-house PA and stage monitor system.

The X14FD is the latest and the most powerful iteration of an extended pedigree of successful coaxial based dual-purpose designs; beginning with the X12CE and X15CE models and including the X14T, a previous 14” based design. The X14FD is a latest generation Xcellence series self-powered active system, and incorporates Amate Audio’s uprated Active+ digital power and control platform with high order high-order FIR filtering and Dante audio networking.

The single revolutionary low distortion, high power handling 14″ coaxial driver provides an exceptionally smooth full frequency response, characterized by a low frequency response comparable with a conventional 15” driver, combined with the mid-frequency resolution and crystal clear vocal articulation of a conventional 12” driver; together with exceptionally transparent HF response and peak handling characteristics. Use of a single driver consequently enables the design of an enclosure with a greatly reduced form factor, relative to the X14FD’s power and frequency range.

With its superb sonic characteristics, high output and low profile, asymmetric cabinet the X14FD can be hung, flown, stacked or pole mounted in FoH, front and side-fill PA applications or, floor-standing on its horizontal axis, deployed as a stage monitor of exceptional performance. Portability and handling is made easy with top and bottom flush carry handles. Integrated rigging points and pole mount socket facilitate easy rigging or stacking of the cabinet with its ‘tour proof ‘ construction of reinforced Baltic plywood and weather resistant Polyurea coating with integrated protective rubber profiles.

With its dual-purpose form factor, the X14FD is both the optimal stage monitor for our flagship X212AFD line array, both in horizontal floor monitor and vertical side-stage or drum monitor applications. As a highly portable FoH system it can be matched with our most advanced and powerful Xcellence series sub-base systems.

Onboard power and control from the Active+ electronics includes 1500 W Class D bi-amplification and industry leading DSP system management, with LCD colour touchscreen operation and monitoring. Active+ provides a suite of tools to setup and tune the loudspeaker system in a fraction of the time required for conventional active systems. Features include high-order FIR filtering, for fully phase coherent PEQ adjustment and absolute phase alignment of common cabinet couplings, independent dual limiting (RMS thermal and peak) on each power channel, high-order crossovers, delays of up to 300ms/100m, and EcoMode power settings (inc. auto input signal detection).

System presets, extensively R&D’d by Amate Audio’s engineering team, are included. These optimize control parameters for configurations with other Xcellence series loudspeaker systems in the most commonly occurring applications. Additional parameter adjustments are storable in PIN protected user-settings. Dante audio networking and full Ethernet remote control, via the company’s latest DSP Studio 3 software, are via dual Ethernet ports; Wi-Fi remote control is possible with the CWK-D Wireless Communication Kit.

“In continuing development of compact, high performance 2-way loudspeaker systems, designed around advanced coaxial drivers, we have engineered even greater reductions in cabinet volume with the use of this new driver in the X14FD,” says International Sales Manager Jordi Amate. “Despite achieving a form-factor with the lowest possible profile in its stage monitor application, the new design offers improved ergonomics. The new driver also provides improved long-throw coverage for outdoor use.

“Added to this are all of the operational advantages of our very latest generation power and DSP control electronics, standard in our new Xcellence series models. It is a truly industry leading combination, and includes an optimized monitor preset with enhanced voice control and zero microphone feedback issues.”

With its dual-purpose form factor, in FOH PA applications the X14FD provides output and performance exceeding that of larger conventional 2- and 3-way systems – and can be matched with the company’s most advanced and powerful Xcellence series subs – while in monitor role it optimally partners with the flagship X212AFD large format line array; in both horizontal floor monitor and vertical side-stage or drum monitor applications.