Allen & Heath’s dLive and Me Installed in Ecuadorian Church

Ecuador’s Centro Cristiano De Guayaquil (CCG) recently installed a dLive S Class mixing system and ME personal monitoring system as part of an upgrade to the church’s audio equipment.

The largest evangelical church in the city of Guayaquil, CCG hosts a variety of events including services, conferences, live music shows and theatrical productions. it has a 3,800-capacity auditorium with additional space for Christian education and children’s ministries and has grown to more than 7,000 in weekly attendance.

Comprising a S5000 surface and DM64 Mixrack, the Dante-enabled dLive system is installed at FOH in the auditorium and manages FOH monitors, recording and broadcast, along with a ME system comprising a ME-U Hub and 5 Me-1 Mini Mixers to provide performers with personal monitoring facilities.

“We needed a mixer that was compact yet powerful enough to manage all of the church’s audio requirements, FOH, monitors, multitrack recording and broadcast and dLive was the perfect fit,” explains audio manager, Julio Paredes Rosero. “dLive was selected due to its high number of inputs and outputs, buses, expansion capacity, connectivity and integration with personal monitoring. it has a very friendly user interface, is easy to configure and above all has a great, defined sound.”