Alcons Audio Brings the Sound of Singapore to Fun Home

Alcons Audio Brings The Sound Of Singapore To Fun Home

Singaporean theatre company Pangdemonium! recently staged Fun Home, the multiple Tony Award-winning production; supported by Alcons Audio RR12 point source array modules and VR12 mid-sized versatile monitors, which ensured that every line of dialogue and lyrics were clearly heard by the enthusiastic audiences.

Staged at Singapore’s 615-seat Drama Centre Theatre, sound design for the production was by Jeffrey Yue of audio design company Ctrl Fre@k, with technical production by The Production People. The Alcons speakers were supplied by Alcons Pro-Ribbon Network Partner Creator’s Solutions.

In his design, Jeffrey chose four Alcons Audio RR12s as a centre vocal cluster. These were complemented by four Alcons Audio VR12s per side, covering the two circles with a band and vocal mix.

Jeffrey said: “Accurate reinforcement of voices and instrumentation was crucial.

“The RR12 vocal centre cluster provided the best performance in terms of accurate horizontal coverage, thanks to the asymmetric vertical horn which meant there were less potential ceiling reflections. With the style and design approach of the musical, it was also a great opportunity to showcase the pro-ribbon technology of the VR12 point source loudspeakers.”

The Alcons Audio RR12 is a point-source ‘building block’ to create tight packed arrays for controlled sound coverage in the widest variety of audience areas. Featuring Alcons’ proprietary RBN602rs 6” pro-ribbon driver and a custom-designed 12” woofer with 4” voice coil, the RR12 has a very high performance-to-weight ratio.

The Alcons Audio RBN602rs is coupled to an asymmetric Morph-Max waveguide, a non-compressing, resonance-free multi-cell guide with wideband, highly accurate directivity control up to and beyond 20kHz. Designed to be arrayed for stacked or flown applications, dispersion patterns can be achieved in increments of 30°; 30°, 60°, 90°, 120° in the coupling plane, by asymmetric 60° (+20°/-40°) in the non-coupling plane.

The Alcons Audio VR12 is a two-way compact, a multipurpose loudspeaker for both portable and permanent applications. Featuring the patented RBN601 pro-ribbon driver, the VR12 is ideal for applications where high output, high-quality reinforcement is needed. The RBN601 is mounted on a rotatable 90°x40° waveguide and projects with ‘Real-90’ horizontal dispersion up to 20kHz.

Eugene Tay of Creator’s Solutions added: “The RR12s and VR12s both have exceptional clarity and natural vocal reproduction, with the pro-ribbon technology allowing for very precise coverage patterns, it meant that the audience could really feel the intimacy of the production and the stage.”

Jeffrey said: “The producers commented that Fun Home was one of the best-sounding shows that their sound department has delivered, the accurate imaging of vocals and transparent reinforcement of the musical instruments, delivered through the Alcons system, helped to tell a great story and provide a wonderful musical experience for all.”