ADJ to unveil new products at LDI 2023

Alongside showcasing a selection of fixtures from the company’s existing catalogue of professional luminaires, ADJ Lighting will use the LDI tradeshow to introduce many new products.

Visitors to the expo will be the first to discover the new Vizi Beam CMY automated beam luminaire, the ElectraPix series of lime-infused hex LED wireless bars and par, the next-generation Aria X2 wireless DMX system, and the IP-rated additions to the popular Jolt Series of multifunction LED strobe/wash fixtures.

ADJ’s Jolt Series features a collection of potent fixtures which each feature bright white strobe/blinder LEDs, combined with multi-coloured chase effects in the same versatile unit. Taking the series to the next level, the new Jolt Bar FXIP offers the same creative potential but can be utilized outdoors in any weather conditions.

The IP65-rated linear fixture features a central strip of 112 x 5-watt cool white SMD LEDs, surrounded on both sides by a total of 448 x (significantly brighter) 1.5-watt RGB colour-mixing SMD LEDs. This allows the same fixture to generate intense white strobing as well as coloured washes and strobe effects.

Generating a similar effect, the Jolt Panel FXIP features a more condensed panel design. It is equipped with 800 x 1.5-Watt RGB SMD LEDs for colour strobe, wash, and eye candy effects, as well as 48 x 5-Watt cool white SMD LEDs located in the centre of the fixture to create the traditional look of a strobe.

The next evolution in ADJ’s Vizi Series of automated luminaires, the new Vizi Beam CMY is a powerful and feature-packed dedicated beam fixture. Harnessing the full potential of the 310W Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp, paired with precision-engineered optics, it generates a potent and crisp 2-degree beam that is ideal for generating awe-inspiring aerial effects.

Offering a host of advanced features, the ElectraPix Bar 8 is a cutting-edge 0.5-meter linear LED wash fixture. Equipped with a wireless DMX transceiver and high-capacity internal rechargeable battery, this IP65-rated fixture can be used safely and reliably in absolutely any location without any form of wired connection.

The ElectraPix Bar 16 offers the same advanced feature set as the ElectraPix Bar 8 but in a larger 1-meter-long format. It features 16 potent 20-watt hex colour LEDs (RGBAL+UV), which can each be controlled individually, alongside 66 background 0.2-watt RGB LEDs.

Completing the new ElectraPix Series, the ElectraPix Par 7 is a complementary LED par fixture. Packed with all the advanced features of the bar models, it boasts seven main colour-calibrated 20-watt hex LEDs (RGBAL+UV), paired with 29 background 0.2W RGB LEDs, packaged in a compact and lightweight fixture.

Finally, LDI 2023 will see the official worldwide launch of the new Aria X2 wireless DMX technology. This next-generation multi-band system is designed to increase the reliability and transmission range for cable-free communication of a DMX signal between the console and fixtures. The Aria X2 Transmitter will be displayed, which features both 900MHz and 2.4GHz antennas as well as 5-pin DMX input and thru connections.

“Our team is looking forward to a busy LDI show introducing visitors to the ‘new ADJ’, by which we mean the evolution of the brand that has been ongoing over recent years,” explains ADJ USA’s Director of Sales, Alfred Gonzales.”

The LDI Expo 2023 will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Sunday, December 3 through Tuesday, December 5. ADJ will be exhibiting from booth #1443.