ADJ launches ULTRA LB18 linear LED wash 

Ultra LB18 is ADJ’s latest addition to its range of LED-powered wash fixtures utilising enhanced lime-infused colour mixing. This versatile linear lighting device incorporates powerful five-in-one RGBAL LEDs to deliver enhanced colour mixing, including tuneable white, and a high CRI.

Producing vibrant and punchy colour mixing output, the Ultra LB18 features 18W by 10W, five-in-one (red, green, blue, amber and lime) colour mixing long life LEDs. It offers a large gamut of colour possibilities, including white light with a colour temperature variable between 2,300K and 9,900K.

The inclusion of a lime LED chip not only increases the palette of colours available from the fixture but also boasts the CRI to in excess of 90, making it ideal for illuminating performers on stage. A high CRI indicates that the fixture will render colours more accurately when used to illuminate scenery, décor, or performers, which is particularly important to ensure natural skin tones and enhanced depth.

The fixture’s 18 LEDs are grouped into six separate zones of three LEDs, each offering independent colour mixing control. This facilitates the creation of ‘eye candy’ chase effects, with a useful Pixel Flip function allowing the order of the zones to be reversed for convenient programming.

For added convenience when programming, the fixture offers tuneable control from a single DMX channel, making it extremely easy to select precisely the right colour temperature of white light for any given application. The unit is also preprogrammed with 15 separate colour temperature presets as well as 64 built-in colour macros, which allow easy selection of common colour options.

The fixture can also be calibrated for different applications and user preferences, with a choice of six selectable Dim Modes (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre & Stage 2) and four selectable Dim Curves (Square, Linear, Inv. Square & S. Curve) available.

With a beam angle of 17 x 40-degrees, the fixture is ideal for illuminating stages, dance floors, décor, and sections of wall. It is designed for permanent installation in bars, clubs, lounges, theatres, concert venues and churches, as well as temporary event production projects. The unit is supplied with brackets that can be used to set it directly on the ground or attach to a clamp for truss mounting. Its ends are also magnetic, which allows adjacent fixtures to be quickly and easily aligned to create longer continuous bars of LEDs to uniformly wash larger areas.

A compact and lightweight fixture, it is supplied with a removable glare shield that blocks the LEDs from view, ideal for when the fixture is used as either a footlight or front light to illuminate a stage. The glare shield is also hinged, locking quickly and easily in place using latches at either side, which allows it to fold down flat for transportation to protect the lens and LEDs during transportation. In addition, there are magnets on each end of the unit  which allows adjacent fixtures to be quickly and easily aligned to create longer continuous bars of LEDs to uniformly wash larger areas.

The Ultra LB18 offers six operational modes: Auto Run, Program Mode, Sound Trigger (utilising an in-built microphone), RGBAL Manual, Static Color and DMX. It offers a variety of DMX modes, using between 5 and 71 control channels, and is also compatible with ADJ’s UC IR wireless remote. A digital display with 4-button menu interface on the rear panel allows easy mode selection, DMX addressing and configuration of operating parameters, while a USB port facilitates quick and easy future firmware updates.

A robust metal housing makes the Ultra LB18 suitable for touring and event production applications, while its low weight of 12.13lbs. / 5.5kgs. means that it is easy to lift, carry and rig. The fixture also offers compact dimensions of 86mm by 996mm by 188.4mm, minimising truck space for transportation and making it suitable for installation in low-ceilinged venues. As well as five-pin DMX input and output sockets – located on either side of the unit for convenient and neat cable runs. It also features similarly positioned locking power input and output sockets that can be used to link the power supply for multiple fixtures from a single outlet (up to 12 Ultra LB18s can be linked @120V or up to 25 fixtures @240V).

“The latest addition to ADJ’s range of linear LED fixtures, the Ultra LB18 is a versatile model that will meet the requirements of both event production and rental houses as well as installation projects in a wide variety of venues from theatres and houses of worship to nightlife venues and themed attractions,” enthused ADJ USA National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Its flexible RGBAL colour mixing LEDs allow for tuneable white with a high CRI, making it ideal for stage lighting applications, while its zone control and wide colour gamut make it equally suited to dance floor illumination and the creation of ‘eye candy’ effects.”

The Ultra LB18 is shipping now from ADJ distributors and dealers worldwide.