ADJ launches Hydro Spot 1 IP65-rated moving head

ADJ’s new Hydro Spot 1 IP65-rated moving head spot fixture is available now.

ADJ’s new Hydro Spot 1 IP65-rated moving head spot fixture is available now. Suitable for temporary use outdoors in any weather conditions, as well as for both permanent installation and temporary use indoors – where it is protected from liquid spills, fog residue and dirt/dust, the Hydro Spot 1 is extremely compact while also packing in a variety of useful beam-shaping tools. These include motorised focus and zoom; twin colour wheels; rotating prisms and frost filters; and replaceable, rotating GOBOs.

With its small size and punchy output, the Hydro Spot 1 is perfect for a variety of applications where space is at a premium but a vibrant light output is also required. These include open air stages with low ceilings, smaller outdoor dance areas and theme parks. This versatile fixture is also a great choice for indoor applications where access to fixtures is limited; with its sealed casing, the unit’s internal components are protected from dust and grim, allowing for a significantly reduced maintenance schedule.

Harnessing the power of a potent 200-Watt cool white LED light engine, focused through precision-engineered optics, the Hydro Spot 1 delivers punchy output with even coverage. The efficient LED light source is much brighter than a traditional incandescent bulb that uses the same amount of power, while it’s 50,000 hours of expected operational life essentially makes lamp replacement a concern of the past.

An extensive feature set provides lighting designers using the Hydro Spot 1 with a wealth of creative potential. This starts with motorised zoom, allowing for a variable beam angle of 11° ~ 22°, which is paired with motorised focus to ensure pattern projections remain sharp regardless of distance. This versatile fixture is equally suited to creating wide break-apart pattern projections on stage sets, dancefloors and other surfaces as it is to generating razor sharp aerial effects.

Two independent colour wheels, each loaded with 8 dichroic filters + open white, provide lighting designers with a wide selection to choose from. These include a mixture of vibrant primaries and subtle pastels, as well as useful CTO, CTB and UV filters. In addition, there is a separate GOBO wheel, which has 6 slots for replaceable, rotating glass or aluminum GOBO patterns (size: 23mm [outer] / 19mm [viewable].

The fixture offers two rotatable prisms, which are both indexed and bi-directional, for multiplying the beam to create wider pattern projections or mid-air effects. It also offers the choice of two internal frost filters. The Medium Frost is ideal for giving a soft edge to GOBO patterns and prism effects, while the Heavy Frost can be used to generate a wash output. Finally, the LED engine provides 16-bit fine control over dimming, which allows for extremely precise intensity alteration, while variable speed strobing effects can also be created.

Three DMX channel modes are supported by the fixture (19, 22 or 26) and it is also compatible with the RDM protocol, which allows for remote DMX addressing and the feeding back of fixture operating status information to a compatible DMX control solution. DMX addressing as well as customisation of the fixture’s various operating parameters is facilitated via a large, colour reversible LCD menu display, with six corresponding touch buttons, located on the front panel of the unit.

A wide variety of customisable options are offered by the fixture, allowing it to be personalised to a user’s preferences or the specific requirements of a particular application. These include six selectable dimming modes (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, Theatre & Stage 2), four selectable Dimming Curves (Square, Linear, Inverse Square & S. Curve) and adjustable dimming speed (between 0.1 and 10 seconds). In addition, the LED Refresh Rate can also be adjusted using a variety of presets (ranging from 900Hz to 25,000Hz) to eliminate flicker for broadcast or video capture applications and fan speed can be limited, independently for both the head and base (with options for Low, High or Auto), for applications where near silent operation is required. All these customisable parameters can be altered remotely via DMX as well as directly from the LCD menu interface.

Weighing in at 35.2lbs (16kg) and with dimensions of 241 by 370 by 488mm, the Hydro Spot 1 is very compact for an IP65-rated fixture with such an extensive feature set. It is supplied with rubber feet to allow it to stand directly on a stage or riser and is also supplied with a pair of Omega brackets that can be used to attach clamps for truss mounting. On the rear panel are IP65-rated locking power input and output sockets (to allow multiple fixtures to be connected to a single outlet), 5-pin DMX input / output sockets, and a USB port (to facilitate simple future firmware updates), all of which feature rubber caps to offer added protection when not in use.

In addition to the new Hydro Spot 1, the ADJ Hydro series also offers a variety of other IP65-rated moving head options suitable for a wide variety of applications. The soon-to-be-released Hydro Spot 2 is a larger spot model featuring an expanded feature set and 320-Watt LED engine, while the top of the range Hydro Profile is a fully-featured profile fixture powered by a potent 660-Watt LED engine. There are also two LED wash options, the compact Hydro Wash X7 and large format Hydro Wash X19, which feature 7 and 19 high power 40W RGBW LEDs, respectively. The series also features three beam options, which all utilise discharge lamp light sources: the compact Hydro Beam X1, the potent Hydro Beam X2 and the new Hydro Beam X12.

“The Hydro Spot 1 rounds out ADJ’s versatile Hydro Series of IP65-rated moving heads, offering a spot option that is very compact but still packs a punch,” explains ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “This versatile fixture offers an extensive collection of beam shaping features that will enable creative lighting designers to generate a wide variety of effects. Its small footprint makes it ideal for production companies working on smaller events and stages, when space is at a premium, as well for installation in venues with low ceilings.”

The Hydro Spot 1 is shipping now from ADJ USA and will be available from ADJ Europe from the beginning of September. It is ideal for temporary event productions both indoors and outside in any weather, from dusty desert festivals to cold and wet winter attractions. It is also suitable for permanent installation within all kinds of venues, from nightclubs to churches, where its sealed casing design protects its internal components from dust and grime to allow for a reduced maintenance schedule and prolonged operational life expectancy.