ADJ Hydro Profile is now shipping

ADJ’s new flagship IP65-rated moving head, the Hydro Profile, is now shipping.

ADJ’s new flagship IP65-rated moving head, the Hydro Profile, is now shipping. It combines a high-power 660W LED light engine that delivers 25,000+ Lumens of output with a precision-engineered optical system and expansive collection of beam-shaping tools including: a 4-blade framing system, dynamic animation wheel, and an impressive zoom range. It offers a huge amount of creative potential from a fixture that is truly designed for the demands of a grueling life on the road.

At the heart of the Hydro Profile is an incredibly potent 660-Watt cool white LED engine, which delivers an impressive 25,000+ Lumens of output. This is paired with a high-quality optical system that delivers an even output and facilitates the creation of sharp pattern projections and vibrant color washes. The highly efficient light source maximizes output and minimizes the production of wasted heat thereby reducing power draw to a minimum, while the LED engine’s long 50,000 hour expected lifespan effectively removes the inconvenience and expense of lamp replacement.

With a robust external casing that has a sealed IP65-rated design, the Hydro Profile has been created to withstand the rigors of the road. It can be used for temporary outdoor shows and events in any weather as well as for indoor productions where it protected against everything from dust and smoke residue to spilt drinks and humidity. Sitting at the top of the Hydro Series, this is a substantial luminaire, with external dimensions of 12.20″ by 17.00″ by 28.35″ / 310 by 432 by 720mm (L by W by H) and a weight of 81.4lbs / 37kg. However, for a fixture that offers so much power and such an expansive feature set, it is has been designed to be as easy to transport as possible. Pan and tilt locks prevent unwanted movement of the head during transit, while convenient side bar handles aid with lifting and rigging.

An almost unlimited variety of aerial effects and surface pattern projections can be created using the Hydro Profile, which offers an expansive collection of beam-shaping tools. This begins with a four-blade rotating framing shutter system, which allows the light output to be precisely manipulated to create custom shapes or to illuminate very specific areas of a stage. Each shutter is controlled using two independent motors, one for each side, which allows the individual blades to be applied at any desired angle. In addition, +/- 60-degree rotation of the combined shutter assembly means the shape created using the four shutters can also be rotated.

Further manipulation of the output is provided by a motorized zoom function, which can be used to alter the beam angle between 6 and 45-degrees. An even narrower beam can then be achieved utilizing the motorized iris, which also offers automated pulsing effects. Conversely, the beam angle can be further extended and softened using a choice of two variable frost filters. The first option is a medium frost, which is ideal for blurring the edges of GOBO and prism effects, while the second option is a heavy frost, designed to create a wash effect. Together, the zoom, iris and frost filter functions allow the fixture to output everything from pencil-thin, razor-sharp beams to wide, soft-edged washes. To further its beam shaping options, the Hydro Profile is fitted with a separate indexed animation wheel. When combined with colours and GOBO textures, the animation wheel can create unexpected effects that will help expand the designer’s creative palette.

Complete colour control is provided through variable CMY mixing, with 16-bit finetuning, allowing Lighting Designers to select precisely the right colour for a given scene or look. In addition, variable CTO colour temperature control allows for white light illumination between 2700K and 7900K (with 53 preset macros providing easy selection of range of different options). The fixture also offers an additional colour wheel loaded with seven dichroic filters comprised of five primaries (red, blue, green, amber, and orange) together with CTC and CRI filters.

The Hydro Profile boasts two GOBO wheels, one featuring seven slots (plus open) for rotating GOBOs and the other offering eight slots (plus open) for static GOBOs, all of which are replaceable. Both GOBO wheels offer a variable speed shake function, and the rotating GOBO wheel is indexed to allow for correct orientation of projected patterns.

16-bit fine control over digital dimming of the unit’s LED engine allows for extremely precise intensity alteration, while a choice of six dimming modes, four dimming curves, and variable dimming speed between 0.1s and 10s allow customization for different applications and particular Lighting Designers’ preferences. The LED engine also offers variable speed strobing, along with random and pulse effects, as well as selectable refresh rates (between 900Hz and 25kHz) to prevent camera flicker.

The fixture offers a motorized focus feature that can be used to ensure GOBO projections are razor sharp or to deliberately blur out the beam to create soft-edged looks. Finally, its suite of beam manipulation tools is completed by two index rotating prisms – 4-facet circular and 6-facet linear – which can be applied to break up the output to generate intricate aerial effects and surface projections.

A large, colour-reversible LCD menu display, with six corresponding push buttons, is located on the front panel of the fixture. It facilitates easy DMX addressing as well as customization of the fixture’s various operating parameters. The unit offers a choice of three DMX channel modes (36 / 50 / 57), with the simplified options still providing access to all of the fixture’s key features but without fine control over certain functions. It also supports the RDM protocol, which allows for remote DMX addressing and the feeding back of fixture operating status information to a compatible DMX control solution. On the rear panel are IP65-rated locking power input and 5-pin DMX input / output sockets, all of which feature rubber caps to offer added protection when not in use.

“When ADJ launched the Hydro Series four years ago, it was a real game-changer!” enthuses ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “It brought weatherproof moving heads within the reach of a huge number of production companies and rental houses working on projects with budgets that up until that point would not have allowed for IP-rated fixtures. Now, with the introduction of the Hydro Profile, ADJ’s IP65-rated moving head range is coming of age. It combines a potent LED engine with high quality optics and an exhaustive feature set to deliver a powerhouse luminaire that will appeal both to creative lighting designers and budget-conscious production managers!”

The Hydro Profile is shipping now from ADJ USA and will be available from ADJ Europe in mid-August.