Adam Hall Group Launches New Corporate Positioning and Continues Growth Expansion

The Adam Hall Group has announced its repositioning with a specific focus on business customers. Its newly launched corporate image campaign and a range of expansion measures pave the way. The company aims to increase the transparency of its solution portfolio and its service commitment to customers, partners and event technology professionals worldwide. With an investment of more than 20 million euros in two building complexes, it is laying new foundations for the future.

The Adam Hall Group, as both a leading German manufacturer and a sales distribution company, is synonymous with quality, reliability, customer-oriented solutions and innovation. With this claim, the company makes its focus on event technology solutions for the four professional customer segments – rental companies; audiovisual installers; music instrument retailers and industrial flightcase manufacturers – more explicit. And because ‘Designed and Engineered in Germany’ is a globally recognised symbol for steadfast quality, its own development team, comprised of highly qualified industrial designers and engineers working in the R&D laboratories at German headquarters, continues to expand.

Built or the Future – Digitally and Personally
With an ever-growing portfolio of pro audio, LED lighting, stage equipment and hardware products, and a newly launched corporate website, the company proves that it is both forward-thinking and solutions-oriented. The new digital presence reflects a personal character and a clear identity: Here, the focus is on people. And the completely redesigned B2B Webshop provides enhanced customer-orientation features, such as individual pricing, real-time inventory visibility, and detailed information on products, orders and invoice history, and has been designed to provide customers with excellent transparency and increased usability.

Further international market expansion via partnerships, such as those with the Musical Distributors Group in the United States; Siam Music Yamaha Ltd. in Thailand; Great Wall Musical Instrument Co. Ltd. in China; and many others in Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, are clear indicators that the Adam Hall Group is also growing outside of Europe. The growth is also evident at the company headquarters in Neu-Anspach: With an investment of over 20 million euros, the new 14,000 sq metres (150,000 sq ft) Logistics Park is currently being built to increase warehouse capacity. Almost 10,000 pallet spaces and 17,000 container spaces will be available upon completion in late 2017. In Spring 2018, the Adam Hall Group plans to next open the new Experience Center located in the new Adam Hall Str. 1. The architectural hallmarks, designed with business customers, partners, associations and employees in mind, include a fully-equipped product showroom, a large theatre auditorium for live demonstrations, facilities for the Adam Hall Academy and the company restaurant, Come Together. The integrated R&D department located in the other half of the Experience Center houses an anechoic measuring room, various endurance and climatic test rigs, a photometric laboratory and ample space for designing, modelling and 3D prototyping.

Events – The Original Social Network
“The dynamic markets of our time require bold courage, mobility, innovation and high customer orientation,” said Alexander Pietschmann, CEO, who is also enthusiastic to see the realisation of the Experience Center, which has been designed as “an open space for inspiration and creativity for employees, customers and partners.” “Our new positioning underscores the identity of the Adam Hall Group and clearly expresses what drives us. Our customers’ needs are our main focus, and we want to provide professionals with innovative, user-friendly and affordable event technology solutions to enable more people to realize their creative ideas,” continued Alex.

“After more than 40 years serving the industry, we are proud that Adam Hall is a well-established name among professionals in event technology,” said Markus Jahnel, COO. “With so much growth and expansion, especially in the last 10 years, the company has gradually evolved into a manufacturer and full-scale provider of event technology solutions. The comprehensive range of pro audio, LED lighting, stage equipment and hardware underlines this.”

Nikke Blout, Global Marketing Director, added: “Future-oriented innovations – created with passion by people for people – and increased focus on delivering customer-oriented solutions are just a few of the key messages, which the new positioning and new corporate design aims to transport. All of this gives customers, partners and the industry a clearer picture, and above all, an understanding of the values of the Adam Hall Group.”

Innovations in Every Segment
The portfolio of own brands includes the well-known brands LD Systems, Cameo, Gravity, Palmer, Defender, Adam Hall Hardware and Adam Hall Stage Equipment. Recent innovations worthy of mention for the rental sector include lighting products from Cameo, such as the ZENIT B60 battery-operated W-DMX IP65 PAR spotlights, or the ZENIT W600 high-power outdoor washer. In the audio sector, the brand LD Systems caused quite a stir at Prolight+Sound 2017, with the presentation of the Dante DSP 44 K 4-channel power amplifier, and the MAUI P900, developed in collaboration with the Porsche Design Studio. The scalable LD Systems CURV 500 and the award-winning CURV 500 iAMP, premiered at Integrated Systems Europe 2017, provide install solutions with considerable advantages for audiovisual installation companies and system integrators. Nor does the music trade miss out. Here, the new brand for premium stands, Gravity, has rapidly achieved a high level of acceptance worldwide. The LD Systems MAUI 5 GO, the first mobile, battery-powered column-PA with quick-swapping technology, comes as a breath of fresh air to the market. For industrial flightcase manufacturers, the design and software platform FliteCAD provides a ‘best case scenario’ and a clever solution for the design and construction of professional flight cases, and also includes a web interface.

Customer Service a Priority
In addition to the coming Experience Center at its German headquarters, the Adam Hall Group maintains modern showrooms in Singapore, Barcelona, Poland and the USA. In direct support of its distribution partners, the partners can also utilise the facilities for product demos and training for their customers.

Technical planning support or OEM/ODM service for tailored product solutions and personal support by telephone or on-site are just a small selection of services, upon which Adam Hall Group’s customers can depend. And when it comes to the issue of financing, customers are also not left on their own: Together with a financial services provider, the Adam Hall Group has set up an attractive hire-purchase or leasing model for rental- and installation companies across Europe in order to offer flexible financing options.

Pioneering Product Design
Alongside innovative and reliable technology, contemporary product design plays a significant role. In this way, the Adam Hall Group has been presented with a number of international awards for innovative product developments and pioneering product design from prestigious institutions such as ‘Red Dot’, ‘German Design Award’ and ‘iF Industrie Forum Design’. In particular for the patented, first portable array system with high-definition sound, LD Systems CURV 500, the radio microphone series LD Systems U500, the LD Systems CURV 500 iAMP or the VIBZ mixer series, and the premium microphone stands from the brand Gravity.