ACT Entertainment announces plate and panel design software updates

ACT Entertainment, manufacturer and distributor of music and live performance equipment, is showcasing cutting-edge updates to its Design Vision custom plate and panel software atInfoComm 2023 (Booth3643).

Company representatives will be available to demo the software and further discuss how it will benefit installations for ProCo Sound Custom Shop customers.

Design Vision provides an easy drag-and-drop process that affords users with a simple, free, web-based method of turning their ideas for customised plates and panels into a finished, professional design.

It is compatible with Mac, PC, and a wide array of mobile devices to increase accessibility for customers in any setting―including on the go.

An extensive and growing library of components is included in the program to allow an immediate selection of plates, panels, connectors, and more in just a few clicks.

Among these areas wide assortment of aluminium and steel plates and panels with an extensive array of finishes, including anodised, powder-coated, or painted.

Industry-leading connector brands such as Neutrik and Switchcraft are also showcased. Additionally, Design Vision provides reporting that displays product drawings, material lists and total retail price, which is especially useful for inclusion in bids.

“With the Design Vision Software, we will be able to provide our Custom Shop customers with customised ProCo Sound solutions that meet the needs of any venue,” said Shawn Wells, MarketManager: Pro A/V& Artist Relations, ACT Entertainment.

“Our ProCoSound Custom Shop has complete metal shop capabilities and vibrant, high-resolution, full-colour printing. This means we’re able to turn any system design into a reality right from our U.S. home base. We look forward to discussing this further at InfoComm.”