ZED Installed in Chinese Stadium

Located in China’s Sichuang province, an Allen & Heath ZED-436 4 bus mixer has been installed in Mingshan stadium, one of the key reconstruction projects following the 2013 Lushan earthquake.
The recently completed stadium is a multi-functional venue capable of hosting sporting events, conferences and exhibitions, and large-scale cultural and theatrical performances. The venue covers an area of 4,000 sq metres and can accommodate 2,500 people. It features a central basketball court, surrounded by some fixed stands, with a temporary stage and additional stands.
Designed and installed by EZPro, the ZED-436 was chosen for audio mixing and control.
“The ZED-436 is the perfect choice for this application because it provides enough input channel and professional grade sound quality.” said Mr Lian, Technical Manager at EZPro.  “The mixer features 32 mic or line inputs plus two dual stereo inputs, which means that it has two more stereo inputs than other mixers of the same range, thus having the capability to accept more audio sources. The ZED-436 also adopts DuoPre pre-amps to have a better control of signal level and produce unmatched sound quality.”
One of the biggest challenges of the installation was managing the venue’s long reverberation time and trapezoid-distributed audience area, to deliver even coverage and speech intelligibility whilst preventing acoustic echoes.
The PA system employs seven loudspeaker clusters for sports events, with different coverage patterns for each zone. There is a separate PA system for the performance events, comprising four flown line array systems, and eight subwoofers on the ground.
“The system delivers enough SPL and speech clarity. It not only achieves even coverage of the PA area, but also avoids detrimental sound reflection so that we can get perfect sound,” concluded Mr. Zhao from the integrator, Chuengdu Eagle Huang.