1 SOUND Partners with Melodia Sound & Lighting Systems to open sales in Indonesia

Melodia Sound and Lighting Systems has partnered with 1 SOUND to be its official distributor in Indonesia.

Melodia is the no.1 music instrument and pro audiovisual retailer in Indonesia. For many, Melodia is associated with unique and high-end brands or as ‘the’ custom order specialists, making this partnership with 1 SOUND (and 1 SOUND’s Custom Shop) a great match. 

1 SOUND products will be sold exclusively through Melodia for Indonesia sales. Although Melodia carries many brands and has grown to have several company office locations, Melodia carries the same values and heart that they had starting as a small store in the 1980s.

1 SOUND and Melodia share a mutual bond over their company values of having a passion for their work, sharing knowledge, and fostering excitement within the industry. 

Rudy Winarto and the Melodia Team gave 1 SOUND Sales Executive, Leonardo Dani, a warm welcome this week as they toured Melodia’s facilities. Together, they are launching 1 SOUND in Indonesia at the SMEX Music Expo followed by a Launch Event in Bali, that will take place 8 August at the Aston Kuta Hotel. 

“I am very happy and excited about the event our new Indonesian distributor is participating in, not only the SMEX exhibition but in particular the Bali Launch Event they are organising, where the attendees can have a deeper listening experience and a closer look at a selection of the impressive 1 SOUND product range,” stated Leonardo Dani, APAC Sales Executive at 1 SOUND.

“The first samples delivered to Melodia are the Tower system LCC84 and CSUB610 in white, the CT28 and SUB2112 in black, and the C8 and WSUB45 with a custom finish natural wood. I’ll be there to support our distributor and I’m also looking forward to hosting a brand presentation at the launch event.”

Rudy and Leonardo did a 1-hour broadcast radio interview on Saura Surabaya FM to kick off their two weeks of launch events, where they discussed 1 SOUND product lines, the future of the company, and the value it is bringing to the pro audio industry.